Travis Pastrana Is Pumped to Be on the Upcoming North America Tour

Nitro Circus ringleader Travis Pastrana has had an amazing year. Now, with Evel Live in the history books and Action Figures 2 released, the action sports legend is gearing up to head back out on the road for the upcoming Nitro Circus You Got This Tour, which hits cities across the U.S. and Canada this fall. Click here for dates, tickets, and more info.

We caught up with Travis in Las Vegas ahead of his monumental tribute to Evel Knievel. “It’s going to be so awesome to be back on tour,” he said. He loves being able to spend more time with his family when he’s working on projects outside of the tour, but there’s just something about being on the road with your friends, he told us.

Nitro Circus ringleader and action sports legend Travis Pastrana

The You Got This Tour of North America is going to raise the bar again for Nitro Circus, with an all-new show featuring bigger ramps on the moto side, and for the first time on tour, bigger setups for BMX, skate, scooter, and contraptions on the Giganta side. “This You Got This Tour, it really elevates the Giganta side, which I’m the most excited about, because before it was the motorcycles going almost to ceiling level,” Travis said. “But now, we’re all going to be going about the same height. It’s a little scary for those guys, but luckily, I’m not on that side. It’s gonna be great.”

Click here for tickets and info for the You Got This Tour of North America, which kicks off Sept. 28.



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